I recently wrote a post about why much maligned Bangkok is actually a great city. Like Bangkok, Los Angeles has an incredibly bad rap. It’s predictably easy for people to hate L.A., and unfortunately too many people visit the city expecting it to be a smoggy, pretentious, traffic-clogged nightmare. Well, if you’ve got that kind… Read more »

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Pretty Sunset in the Florida Keys

Post by Jacob Champness, Trip30’s VP of Engineering. One of the cool things about working at Trip30 is the atmosphere of adventure and experimentation that thrives here. Whether it’s an experiment with our technology stack or architecture, a radical change in lifestyle, or adventuring into new markets or into the vast blue unknown. As I… Read more »

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Guest post by Jen Martinez. In August 2012, I loaded up my car with a little suitcase, a cooler of food, and my best childhood friend. Starting Point: San Francisco, CA Ending Point: Seattle, WA Time frame: 7 days Miles, roundtrip: 1,600+ We did a lot of research before we left for this trip. We… Read more »

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Can you name an annual festival weekend that opens with a Blue Ball followed by a Parade of Hearses, Coffin Racing and a Frozen T-Shirt Contest? Add in a Brain Freeze Contest, Icy Turkey Bowling, a Frozen Salmon Toss and Snowy Human Foosball and you have the makings of Frozen Dead Guy Days, an annual… Read more »

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Before I went to Thailand for the first time, people warned me to get out of Bangkok as quickly as possible. Head for the North or the beaches, but don’t stay in Bangkok. One person even called Bangkok “the armpit of Southeast Asia.” Not only is that offensive, it’s also entirely untrue. I’ve spent a… Read more »

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Last month I took a six-day road trip from Atlanta to Montgomery to Jackson to Memphis and ended in Nashville. For those of you who live in the American South, this might seem uninteresting. But to a Yankee like me, it was a fascinating experience that I encourage any traveler to the United States to… Read more »

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Guest post by our favorite Texan, Carrie Newhouse In Southeast Texas, we don’t really experience these things that people in other parts of the US have dubbed “seasons,” so I’m often lost when trying to tell people about events that occur in specific times of the year. Yes, yes, I understand that there are solstices… Read more »

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Guest post by Carrie Newhouse, our resident Texas expert. Everyone knows about the grand tradition of Texas high school football. It’s been well documented in the movies Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights, as well as in the TV version of Friday Night Lights. High school football saturates small-town Texas life and verges on being… Read more »

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Several weeks ago we had the privilege of featuring photographer Charley Seavey on Instagram. Here’s how Charley responded to our brief interview. Describe yourself in one sentence Old guy with a camera and curiosity. When did you first get into photography? When I was a kid. My first camera must have been at age 10-12…. Read more »

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Black and white aspen trees

This week on Instagram we’re featuring designer, developer, and photographer Chris Holder. Chris’s photographs span the range of extremes: his gorgeous shots of nature and stars evoke a peaceful solitude, while his urban photos are both gritty and incredibly beautiful, often at the same time. We had the opportunity to ask Chris some questions about… Read more »

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