Driving through Alaska

Guest post by Shady Grove Oliver, a journalist in Homer, Alaska. 10. Bring your passport, pet info, and leave some guns behind if you plan on crossing the border Despite having a good working relationship, Alaska and Canada are two different places. There are border crossings on the Alaska Highway and you’ll be expected to… Read more »

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Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

Guest post by Nicole Qualtieri. David Attenborough calls it The American Serengeti. In February of 2014, it was recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of North America. In 1872, it became the United States’ first recognized National Park, one of many protected areas to come. If it’s not on your list of places… Read more »

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Last week we started our 50 states of rock tour, featuring some of the coolest rock formations from Alabama to Georgia. Now we continue on to the next ten, as we journey from Hawaii to Maryland. Hawaii: Lanai Lookout Idaho: City of Rocks National Reserve Illinois: Starved Rock State Park Indiana: Honeycomb Rock in Pine… Read more »

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View of Paris

Guest post by Carrie Newhouse. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, but there are a few things you need to know before making your first trek to the City of Lights. These are all things I’d wish I’d known before my maiden voyage to France. 1. Amp up your cardio…. Read more »

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If you’re even remotely an outdoors enthusiast–and I mean remotely, maybe you just like to look at pretty scenery from the inside of an air-conditioned chauffeured car while you sip a very cold glass of champagne–then you’ll appreciate strange and incredible rock formations that look like they were created by a) a very twisted race… Read more »

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Are you a primitive camper that soaks up the rawness of nature and could survive on berries and woodchips? Or do you immediately regret your agreement to leave the city limits and the all important cell towers that connect you to society? Happily, there is a hybrid of camping created just for any crew that… Read more »

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I recently wrote a post about why much maligned Bangkok is actually a great city. Like Bangkok, Los Angeles has an incredibly bad rap. It’s predictably easy for people to hate L.A., and unfortunately too many people visit the city expecting it to be a smoggy, pretentious, traffic-clogged nightmare. Well, if you’ve got that kind… Read more »

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Guest post by Sarah Grant. I’m consistently amazed at even the possibility of hopping online during a flight across the country (or the world for that matter). That said, connections are sometimes spotty, streaming video is often prohibited or near impossible, access is sometimes costly, and batteries drain. I don’t fly as often as a… Read more »

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Guest post by Carrie Newhouse. On a road trip, sometimes I love to sit in silence and contemplate the beautiful scenery around me as I…totally fall asleep, leaving the driver bored and on the verge of conking out at the wheel. This is a less than ideal situation for all involved, especially the road trippers… Read more »

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Guest post by Jen Martinez. In August 2012, I loaded up my car with a little suitcase, a cooler of food, and my best childhood friend. Starting Point: San Francisco, CA Ending Point: Seattle, WA Time frame: 7 days Miles, roundtrip: 1,600+ We did a lot of research before we left for this trip. We… Read more »

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